The Judge’s Plan

   As Judge Kippatrick sorts out the ‘parking misunderstanding in front of the Burdock Pizzia and Fine Dining, he rubs his hands together and announces,
"Now Fellas," the Judge announces, "As you might not realize, but tomorrow the County Supervisor is due out here to the Township for his annual Inspection, to be followed by the Supervisor’s, ‘State of Clover County’ speech," the Judge looks around to all of us there, "The Supervisor will of course be expecting a crowd there, and if you three gentlemen were happened to be in attendance, I think we could see this parking misunderstanding filed to commitee minutes, a question of more appeal of the Burdock downtown traffic pattern optimization."
   "Downtowntraffic opti-i, um, like the Judge said, that’s what I was doing," Ernie says brightly.
   Greg is digging into the berm with a boot, "Um Judge, It has been my experience to like the County Supervisor more when he stays up in the Clover County Administration Building."
   And then I remember another important task of my own, "Tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m supposed to be helping HM tie the new rope Handy Hank’s donated to the school-bell."
   The Judge looks side to side, and says without blinking, "I beleive the township namesake will be quite capable of tieing a rope onto the schoolhouse bell on his own."
   "But there’s knots and bell-angles, and," I start up.
   "And knot much else," the Judge stops the explanation, "Your presence shall be expected."
   Greg has stepped back in the general direction of his El Camino, "And McIntyre," Judge Kippatrick halts him, "As a Township Employee, your presence will be mandatory."
   "And me," Ernie puts in, "I can show him my downtown opti-whatever you were saying."
   "Yes Ernie," the Judge sighs, "But this time, make sure you get your paint from handy Hank’s."
   "Will Do!" Ernie calls out as he is already making for Handy Hank’s Hardware.
   Even Greg is showing a frown, but Judge Patrick explains his reasoning, "Fellas, don’t take it so hard, We’ve been needing a new bridge over that creek for years, and maybe if the County Supervisor has a good inspection we’ll finally get it."
   "I always sort of liked our little water-bridge," I start to say.
   "And we have the Bridge at Drollinger’s," McIntyre pointw out.
   "If you are referring to the Township folklore that your predecessors," the Judge says looking at me, "Were too cheap to pay the fee to go accross at the Stubb’s ferry over this creek, but instead it was Too Much and came down-creek to find that ford, that Colonel Weener had the flat-rock put accross the bottom, there are no official records as to that event actually occuring, and besides this township needs to modernize, even if it’s a little bit."
   The Judge turns to McIntyre and explains to him, "And everytime I cross the bridge over by Drollinger’s, there’s always someone out on theporch and they want me to stop, so they can entertain me with the sam dry witticisms I’ve heard from their predecessors since I was a young lad."
   "They could stand some fresh material," Greg Mcintyre has to agree with the Judge.
   The Judge sums up his decision, "Most Townships have a toll bridge; in our township we have to have a droll bridge."
   Greg and I both have to agree with the Judge’s decision.
   "Very well gentlemen," Judge ‘Patrick tells us, "Tomorrow at the burdock Square, at one o’ clock."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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