On the Day..

   On the day of the County Supervisor’s visitation, it was quite apparent the township magistrate had gone to lengths to load up on trump. Which might also explain why Judge Patrick is quite the euchre player.
   The county supervisor’s visit fell upon the Township Market Day. One weekend per month, an open market is held along the street’s of Burdock. Residents from all parts of Weener Township bring to town they’re handy-crafts, produce, assorted baked goods, and anything else they can think will sell.
   Can’t be sure if anybody makes a whole lot of money off of the Market Day. But it gives everyone in the  township an excuse to get together and catch up.
   It does bring a considerable number of people in from outside of the Township. Mostly for the pie and homemade ice cream. It is interesting to hear how the people who are stopping in town all relate to each other about stopping at the bridge and hearing the droll stories told by the old man or his wife, or other family members.
   At any rate, it being market day does stack up an audience for the Supervisor.
   Also the Department of Miscellania has decorated the main drag and the square where the County Super will speak. The decorations resemble an eclectic mix of Christmas, Independence, Fishing Derby Day, and assorted decor from various holiday events.
   Some might look to the decoration as an oddly attractive folk-lore display. Others who know better might speculate that the decorations were the one on tops of the pile in the township storage garage.
   The flashing arrow sign in front of the Township hall displays a message: Wilcom Konutty SuVzrr.
   I wouldn’t blame Ernie too much on this one. This township has also seemed to be short a few letters.
   The cherry-picker has been commandeered by Bertie to support the attenna so the County Super can enjoy a live radio feed to the rest of of Clover County as he makes his speech. Weener-Man will be over-joyed. But Judge Kip[patrick figures he can do his part for the good of the Township and climb the ladder to the belfry by himself.
   Judge Patrick has even persuaded one of his acquaintances who tows aerial banners to fly in and circle his plane around in a lazy circle while towing a banner while the County SuperVisor is present. I would doubt if the County Super would be be too impressed by the slogan on the banner, "Your Ad Here." But the SuperVisor is a bit near-sighted and will most likely thrilled at hearing and seeing the tow banner plane overhead just for him.
   The Judge is keeping myself, Greg, and Ernie busy.
   I’m filling the big tank of water they keep aound for the Horse Club, and the Back-to-Landers many of whom have brought their market-goods in by horse-wagon. Meanwhile, HM provides commentary about having to climg the ladder to the school belfry with colorful terms and phrases not heard in these parts for probably a quarter-century.
   Greg McIntrye motions laconically traffic into orderly parking.
Ernie stands accross a 55-gallon barrel, painted a familiar shade of orange, motioning to direct traffic

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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