Goings On

   The water tank was filled when I heard a, ‘Squeek,’ then a nasally, "Testing, two, three, four, Testing."
   It was the County Supervisor’s voice as Bertie was making the last connections on the microphone.
   I momentarily wondered if maybe now was the time to pay up the five bucks, and therefore avoid the coming expoundment. But deciding it would do to stay on Judge Patrick’s good side, I start over to the Square Park, and do my time.
   As I saunter over, I stop off by Cousin Elmo’s Racing Porkers and Petting Zoo. Ernie’s cousin Elmo brought them by on the Market Days to provide entertainment and get them rented out for birthday parties, festivals, and the like.
   And they were friendly enough little Porkers. I scratched one behind the ears and he made contented sounds in his snout.
   For little Porkers, Cousin Elmo’s pigs were rather long-legged and swift. Cousin Elmo claimed that somewhere along the line his porkers had heard about holiday ham and had grown long legs and learned how to make a run for it.
   Other persons attributed the pig’s swiftness of hoof to a diet high in distiller’s grains.
   Which might help explain why cousin Elmo did not book very many outings beyond the Township. Upon release the Porkers would of course run the course and negotiate the several obstacles with a speed and agility rather astonishing for most porcine species.
   But upon completing the end of the race, Elmo’s porkers would blow past the finish line, and head for the hills to hide out. Apparently for all their racing prowess, the porkers hadn’t yet figured out the calender, and so thought the holidays were just around the corner.
   The Horse Riders could keep up with them, provided that the Porkers did not have too great a start. Otherwise, Elmo would have to wait until the pigs got hungry and wandered back home on their own accord.
   I start to the Square Park and the oncoming speech when there is a clopping of hooves and a Horse Rider trots in on his fine horse. The gathering steps back and the Rider walks his horse through the crowd and up to the speaker’s platform to hand over a package and a canteen to the County Super.
   Judge Kippatrick was going all out and had organized a Rider’s Relay to bring a hot meal from a quality Weener Township eating establishment.
   the Horse Riders had picked up a pepperoni Pizzia and canteen of murky green pop at the Burdock and had rode successive relays to deliver the meal into the hands of the County Supervisor.
   No matter that the Burdock sat caddy-corner from the Square Park, the relay provided the Horse Riders the perfect reason to gallop and trot their horses all through the streets and lanes in the village, and the Riders had had a wonderful time.
   What had started out to be a full pizzia at the start of the Relay, was down to two pieces by the time the package had made it to be handed off to the County Supervizor. Not surprisingly, the canteen of murky green pop had not been touched.
   At any rate the County Super did not seem to notice. He thanked the Rider repeatedly. The Township deftly accepts the packet and canteen from the Super and sets them aside. And then the County Supervizor turns back to the microphone. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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