Vizor’s Speechmaking

   After the music had finished their opening, and had all regained their seats, or had pushed back to their perspective family, the County Supervizor started up his speech, "Citizens of Weener Township in the greater array of Clover County, let me greet you and express my gratitudes for your presence here, on the day of my annual Township Inspection.."
   From there, we citizens of the Township were to be quickly reminded as to why we liked the County Supervizor mostly when he was back at the Clover County Administration Building.
   The speech starts out how the first Clover County was established, and how farms and settlements sprang up and then were connected to the state by the building of the state route.
   But then the Super detours into the first buildings on the Main Street, and each owner and builder of the said building, and the square footage of each buillding, the  construction per bulding, whether wood-framed or brick structure, and even tid-bits of the line of businesses that had been per store. 
   The assembled peoples in the Square Park begin to think of how the picnic lunches they brought with them might be getting warm, or perhaps how inviting a pizzia from the Burdock sounded just then. But the assembled peopples then remember that they might end up getting murky green pop with the pizzia, and decide to hear the County SuperVizor out.
   The SuperVizor continues, "And with this base, levies were assessed to make the improvements, for paving, conduits of water, transportation, electricity and phone service.."
   Technically, the Super’s discussion did lay out the Clover County history accurately enough. But the discussion was delivered in the County SuperVizor’s nasally tone, and really, only the County Super would find facination in the increases in tax roles, and how the SuperVizors preceding himself had to adapt every time the state had changed the form of the taxes the state allowed.
   By this point, many in the crowd are having to deal with unruly family members. The school band members in the crowd had their hands full keeping their parents settled . Others were studying the progress of insects traveling, or watching what seemed to be the grass growing.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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