Comes in on the Slide..

   The incredible Weener-man apprises the distance down the rope to the watering tank only a moment longer before he  he grasps the lanyard on the school bell and then jumps off the ladder and slides down on the rope yelling, "Oreginooo!" But as he slides down to the bottom of the rope, he suddenly realizes where the lanyard leaves off, and then changes his rebel yell to, "Whoops!" And then ,’Splash," as Weener-Man hits the drink, and then the bell tolls, ‘BONG.’
   And then as the heavy school bell recoils, Weener-Man is pulled back up into the air yelling, "Whoo-Hoo!" Then, "Yipes!" as the lanyard starts back down, then the sound of water, ‘Splash!’ and then the bell tolls, ‘BONG!’ before pulling the Weener-man back up to start the whole process over again .
   The County SuperVizor squints at his notes and goes on, "And services provided by Clover County total.."
But not that anyone much is paying attention by now. All attention has been drawn in by the clanging school bell.
   The elementary school band reacts first as they think this is the close of the program. The students grab whatever instruments are close by and run to the front and start tooting, playing, drumming and rattling their rendition of the other song they had learned for the program, ‘Yankee Doodle.’
   Meanwhile, over at the fire-house, the firefighters on duty have heard the school-bell ringing, and with Bertie tied up with keeping the connections working at the County SuperVizor’s Program, the firefighters want to see what is going on and so, hop into the brush-truck and come rolling in towards the clanging school bell with lights flashing and sirens wailing.
   One of the tourist-types who is standing innocently dining on mince meat pie a la mode is startled by all the commotion, and has the al la mode part of his dessert fall off into the street. 
   So of course, one of the long-legged porker’s at Elmo’s petting zoo spies the ice cream on main Street, and boosts its middle to straddle the wood plank gate at Elmo’s Zoo, and teeter-totters itself over. The first porker’s litter-mates can’t let themselves be left out of the fun and soon have themselves boosted up accross the top rail of the gate.
   The combined weight of the porkers act to pull Elmo’s entire gate set-up down and soon Elmo’s Menagerie of ducks, chickens, loons, goats, rabbits, and other assorted animals is scattering in all directions through the streets of Burdock.
   Meanwhile, the porkers have forgotten about the melted ice cream, and have set off on a race, to see who can make it into the footy-hills first.
   The Horse-rider Club, not to be outdone, see the racing-porkers heading for the hills, and so swing up onto their horses, and pace their way carefully back through the crowd and set off in headlong pursuit of Cousin Elmo’s Racing Porkers.
   Just now, as the kinectic energy of the bell is used up and Weener-man is given one last dunk, the brush-truck arrives and the elementary school band finishes up their impromptu airing of, ‘Yankee Doodle.’ The people in the Square Park have scattered, but are close enough to snatch up any of Elmo’s menagerie within reach, and have turned their attention back to catch any of the County SuperVizor’s speech.
   "And that is the detailed explanation of the Administration of Clover County asto, and onto this date," the County SuperVizor finishes reading off his notes written on a golden rod tablet, "And I would like to thank you all here for your attention," The County SuperVizor squints and looks out over the gathering in the Square Park.
   the Coun ty Super sees the many of the people now holding onto various small animals, and decides that there must be a Favorite PetShow afterwards, and then he repeats, "I would like once again to thank you for your attendance, and good day."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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