Speaking of Breakfast in Clover County

Twisty comes over and slides our orders of the Barney Breakfast over to in front of us, "Well here y’all go, the junk food-express," she pulls the tray back.
   "Twistine, another order!" Paula mercifully spares us the rantings of her sister. Also, our table could be counted on to use up any left-overs.
   But then a gruff voice speaks from behind us, "Gentlemen," we reflexively sit up straighter.
   We look over to see Judge Patrick standing there with a paper-bag obviously holding three or four breakfast fajitas, but he also is carrying a bowl of lettuce.
   "Hey Judge, what’s in the bag?" Lem tries to start a civil discourse.
   Apparently, Judge Kipppatrick wasn’t in too much of a discoursing mood, "I’m working in this Township this day," looks down to the white paper bag in a scowl, "The wife has been talking to the Clover County Nurse, and is now entirely convinced that I need to start eating food that is actually good for you ."
   "Say Judge, you and Ernie Stubbs now have something in common," Chet brings up. Judge Patrick looks over to the booth where Erin is seated consuming another breakfast fajita while still engrossed by the comic book.
   The Judge’s face turns a shade of red before he speaks, "Gentlemen, you yourselves might be wll-advised to begin to improve your own consumption," the Judge glances through the Burdock, "Even your compatriot, HM Weenerman is presently on a project,"
   Lem interrupts the TownShip Magistrate, "Now hold on there Judge, don’t go calling our friend a compatriot, he’s no pinko-coomie,"
   "By Compatriot, I am referring to his status as you fellas, frequent side-kick, an associate of sorts," Judge Patrick tells Lem, "I see you missed GED last week."
   "I worked late, how did you find out?" Lem asks Judge Kippatrick.
   "The Weener-man?" I ask quickly, "Project? Now What?"
   The Judge smiles glibly, like he’s probably holding both of the bowers, "I’ll just say, he is setting out to bring healthful food-products into this village’s next  Market Day," the Judge resets his straw-hat, "Good Day Gentlemen."
   "So good old HM is doing something healthful?" Paula is over and refilling our coffee, "I’m thinking,"
   "Yeah," I say as I scoot back, I throw a buck onto the table. So do Lem and Chet.
   "A tip from you guys?" Paula is quite surprised.
    "Nah, For the Judge," Chet says, "Send him a plate of Barney Blaster around about lunchtime."
   "Think he’ll appreciate it?" Paula asks us.
   "Least we could do," I answer.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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