Take the Money and Haul

   I figured as long as I was looking, I might as wee check in at the bank anyways.
   The Haulers, Peddlars, and Cobblers Bank had been around as long as anyone could remember and then some. It was the only bank in town. As a matter of fact it was the only bank in town.
   The old storey has it that the Township’s first real business’s were home shoe-making shops utilizing the numerous animal hides from the Township’s farms. TYhese hides would be tanned into leather and then cobbled into shoes. Many of the family homesteads were paid off in this way.
   Peddlar-merchants would take in the local production on their trips around WeenerMan Township. The merchandise would be loaded into barrels for transport. And then the local freight haulers would transport the barrels of new shoes to the closest railhead. Which seems to have never quite made it to Burdock. Something about not wanting to put a bridge over the Too Much Creek. But fortunately for all the Historic Ford was on the way, and so there was always a steady supply of footwear waiting to go to market waiting at the Railhead Station.
   For a time, the shoe-cobbling business ran up a brisk trade in the Township. In recent times shoe-making has cooled off some, except for a couple guys who still build custom-boots and footware to order.
   But with liquid capital rolling around, and the banks in the Clover County Seat being halfways accross the Clover County, local businessmen with foresight foresaw the day when the Township would need to get off of the barter system and therefore sought to establish a banking institution within the locale.
   And so the storey continues that the local foresight guys were in the State Capital seeking a charter and proper documentation to start and operate a bank, the State Banking clerk was cooperative enough in providing forms and walking them through the steps they would need to become authorized. However, there was the little notion that they would actually need a name for the bank. The local Citizens of foresight hadn’t thought of that. Suggested names such as National Bank of Burdock, or First Cloverleaf Federal just did not seem as if they’d hed the right ring.
   Finally, the clerk told them that the State Business office was closing, so the Citizens with great foresight took the one name that everyone in WeenerMan Township could relate to. It was decided to name it after the people’s occupations. Afterall, that’s what caused the need for a bank in the first place.  And so that is how the local institution came to be called the Haulers. Peddlars, and Cobblers Bank.

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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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