The Customer Service Rep looks my way, "So, as for your question?"
   I shrug, "I was just wondering if anyone had seen HM WeenerMan come into this Bank today?"
   The Rep looks upwards, "Was he here on business, or such as a social calling?"
   "Maybe," I answer truthfully.
   The Customer Service Rep goes through her datebook, "Maybe here on business, let me call the Branch Manager on this."
   The Customer Rep punches a key on her phone and is holding the phone scrunched between her ear and shoulder and talks to the Branch Manager while she makes scrawls on her date planner, "HM Weenerman, Yes, On Business? Not sure. Yes this is the same HM WeenerMan who has inquired about funds from the HP&C previously; Ahemm, yes the firewood cutting scheme," the Customer Service Represenative smiles, then, "And you mean the maple-syrupping caper was his plan too?" the Customer Service Rep holds back an outright laugh, "Really??" she can’t help but blurt out.
   The Customer Service Represenative pushes a brouchure my way.
   "What is this?" I ask.
    "An application to join our Christmas Club," she smiles still scrunching the phone, "There will be a drawing  for a new outdoor barbecuer at Thanksgiving."
    "All I ever get out of a Christmas Club is a stocking full of charcoal," I point out.
    "Do it," the Customer Rep urges me, "Now I have to go talk to the Manager, she says we have to reveiw some records."
    The CustomerRep excuses herself and goes to the Branch Manager’s office. I am left there to fill out the Christmas Club and GrandPrize drawing application.
    I get the application filled out and then some. I even fill out the essay, ‘Why I like to Grill Outdoors’, though if I were very good at that I wouldn’t be eating at the Burdock so often.
    But I had the time. Apparently, the Customer Rep and the Branch Manager were having a good laugh over a cup of coffee about the past busness enteprenourial history of one HM WeenerMan. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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