Borrower Be

"He borrowed a pen," I say flatly.
   "Oh yes, he borrowed a notepad too, we give them away anyways" the Bank Teller grins, "And he promised to return them after he was through."
   "What would HM need with a pen and a note pad?" I ask rhetorically.
   "I wasn’t even sure he could read that much," the Teller still finds this all amusing, "Perhaps he was making a list," she suggests.
   "Of course," I say with sudden inspiration, "He putting in a garden."
   "And so he needs a pen and notepad?"
   "To make a list of the garden supplies, and draw up plans," I explain.
   "But I thought the First Rule of the Weenermasn was to draw up plans and then don’t follow them once you get started?" the Bank Teller is trying to remember.
   "That’s the feller’," I reassure her.
   The Bank Teller can’t help but smile, "The HM Weenerman we all know and love," I start out the door when she stops me, "Want a free car freshner, like you hang from the rearveiw mirror?" she asks, "They come in fourteen different scents.
   I’m interested, "What are the fourteen scents?"
   The Teller checks the box, "Gee, sorry," she says, ‘I see that we’re down to two kinds, I suggest you choose the pine-fresh."
   "What’s the other kind?" I ask.
   "Skunk Cabbage," she answers.
   I read the fine print on the bottom of the air freshner, "Product of Stubbs Enterprises, that figures."
   "WeenerMan chose the Skunk Cabbage," the Bank Teller comments.
   "That figures too," I reply.
   "You’re right," the Bank Teller rolls her eyes, "Gee, maybe I need a short vacation from this Township for awhile."
   I pause.
   "The day I can begin to understand the actions of one HM WeenerMan," she explains, "I need some time off."
   "They’re having an antique show weekend over at I-33," I remember.
   "That’s over 150 miles away, a little close, but maybe it will do," the Teller agrees, "Sometimes the Weenerman requires drastic action."
   I had to agree with that observation.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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