Tomatoes on the Way

The Bean Butler cpauses as he surmises his ledger, "However," the Bean Butler says, "My Ledger does to be aquite out of order, it shall take me some time to decipher."
   I check over to where fresh trays of tomatoes have been set out and available for planting, "I could stand some tomato plants myself, just a small patch, with the ususaal varieties; BeefSteak, Rutgers, Roma."
   This jars the Bean Butler’s interest, "Yes, those varieties are in stock and quite basic, not at all as the HM has on order."
   I arch an eyebrow, but the Bean Butler goes on as he pulls out quality plants from the tomato tray, "I am having something of a time of putting his planting order together," the Bean Butler puts my tomatoo starts into a small brown box and starts to wrap it in brown paper, "Seems that the Weenerman wants to plant a raised bed that features antique varieties of vegetables."
   "Aren’t they called heirloom varieties?" I ask.
   "Really??" the Bean Butler counters, "We are discussing the desecendant of the long line of the Weenerman family, his present wish is to grow a raised bed garden featuring vegetable varieties developed by his long lost predassesor Colonel WeenerMan, which was the Colonel’s hobby upon his retirement.’
   "Still around?" I ask with some surprise.
   "The varieties the Colonel developed were sound, though unspectacular," the Bean Butler narrates, "We have always sold  a few to some of the well-heeled families in town for border plantings and the such."
   "Well, make me up another order of the basics like I just ordered, and I’ll drop them off over at the Weenerman estate," I offer.
   "I wish it were that easy," the Bean Butler frowns, "But where your order consisted of BeefSteak, Rutgers, and Roma Varieties, some ot the HM Weenerman’s order consists of varieties such as ToughSteak, GnarlyFool, RomanHighway, and MoosePaw Tomatoes."
   "The Colonel really call them that?" I ask.
   "We don’t think so," the Bean Butler answers, "But the Colonel’s Official Journal has been lost in the passage of time, and all we have left are his feild notes to identify the differing varieties."
   "Sounds like the Colonel had a sense of humor," I commented.
   "Yes, the original Funny-man," the Bean Butler replies dryly, "We do have the varieties in stock, but ht e difficulty has been deciphering the lineal Weenerman’s hand-writing," the Bean Butler pushes the order form my way.
   I give the order a quick glance over and look up, "Looks like he’s been spelling phonetically again, and under each picture, must have done this at home."
   "Yes he left this order list as he was on his way to the Clover County Supply Agancy," the Bean Butler explains, and then looks over the order list again, "I see," he studies, "Yes it is clearer now, illustrated phonetic spelling, I can figure all of this out now that you’ve explained it, sort of like cave-drawings with sub-titles."
   I shrug, "An accurate description," I pick up my package to leave, "Might throw a few radishes in there so the WeenerMan can actually get dsomething to grow in there."
   "Oh the Colonel had a radish variety that he developed," the Bean Butler reassures me, "Red-Udder Wonders."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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