Turning down the side road, I put the truck in gear and roll on down the road. The dust from the gravel side road plumes out from behind the truck like the exhaust out the back of a jet engine. I laugh. This truck might hit 45 miles per hours perhaps if you dropped it from a cargo helicopter from about 10000 feet up.
   Well, there was the one exception. Back in High School, apparently the Weenerman had spent that fall devising a way to unwind a tractor tire, and then with the resulting rubber cords, found a way to twist the cords into what he thought would be a super-strong recycled tow’em strap. 
   One day he motions Greg, Ernie , and I into the shop workroom and shows us the vise and apparatus where he then had the recycled tractor tire, super-duper towing cable finally wound up and ready to go after he got the clamps bolted onto the ends.
   Greg remarks that the design is rather igneous, and I agree it was a clever design. Greg gets to wondering about how many of those you could sell at a trade show, orhow much it’d to take out a classified ad in a magazine.
   The Weenerman looks up and says in an engineeric tone of voice that the super-duper cable needed field -testing first.
   Just then, Ernie took a look out the window and saw that one of those squally winter storms was in the process of blowing into the Township.
   "Hey guys," Ernie suggests brightly, "I bet we could make a pile of bucks pulling people out of snowdrifts with Weener-man’s sling there."
   To the rest of us, that sounded reasonalbe enough, and with getting out early that day, the Weener-Man thought it was an oppurtunity to feild-test his new sling, and cover some of the production costs in the process.
   And so it goes, three of us are cramped in the cab of the truck, while Weenerman rides in the bed, roaming around in the middle of a snow-squall, looking for people waiting to be rescued.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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