Sling Out

   As events turned out, there weren’t many people going out into this snow squall just to be rescued by we members of the ersatz Clover County towing. Nor it appeared most folks really wanted to take part in HM Weenerman’s product testing.
   We called it quits that evening and headed in. But the next morning the squall had quieted, and we were out vigilantly patrolling the byways of Weenerman Township looking for stranded motorists who were willing to pay signifigant dineros to have themselves pulled out of the many drifts that had blown up in the overnight.
   But go figure, people still had more than enough sense to go out into this stuff until. They were waiting for the Clover County Road Department to send a snowplow out our way.
   And so it was, the Buck Truck earned its keeps bucking its way through drifts while Greg McIntyre kept a watch by looking through binoculars for stranded motorists in need of rescue. Ernie kept fiddling through the stations on the AM radio trying to get a country station to come in clear. WeenerMan sat in back between a couple bales of straw, occasionally taking a drink of the murky green pop we’d gotten at the Burdock befor embarking on this venture.
   Ernie pushes open the sliding back windows and yells at the Weener-man, "Toss the cans out by the big trees so I can come back and pick them up after it warms up."
   I shift the trucks steady path to stay on road, and suppose I should tell Weener-man to save himself the effort. The murky green pop at the Burdock didn’t come in shiney aluminum cans that was worth something at the scrapyard. But murky green pop came in cheap, rolled sheet steel cans that you went into the township recycle barrel.
   But then Greg McIntyre speaks up, "Wahl there, in the distance, Seems someone’s in need of our help."
   I look through the glare of sun coming off the new frosted snow. And yes, Greg is right, there appears to be a vehicle of some sort in the distance, partially off the road, with the front end of the vehicle stuck in a drift from a windbreak of trees that were growing at the start of the rolly section of Weenerman Township.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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