Slinging Along

   And so the buck truck grinds its way through to the stranded motorist. We pull up and are astonished to see Judge Patrick standing on the outside of his faux wood-paneled station wagon waving his broad-brimmed hat to attract our attention.
   Everyone of us pile out of the truck and go over to where the judge wagon sits half-in, half-out of the drift.
   "I had a fence-line hearing down to the township south of here, and I had heard there might be a squall so I took the bvack way through the rolly-part of the Township hoping the trees would keep the snow from piling up, you know I’ve never missed a hearing in my 25-years as a magistrate,"
   "Yes," Greg MCIntyre remarks, "We know."
   "And so I’m coming out of the rollies and hit this lost flat stretch, and there is enough of a drift that it snags me on the passenger side and pulls my wagon ioff into the kditch here as you can see," the Judge explains.
   "The Weener-Man has knelt down beside the Judge’s station wagon and is surveying th matter, "Your continued rocking the car has got you further into the ditch," the Weenerman deduces.
   Judge Kipppatrick rolls his eyes skywards and sighs, "Yes, that might have happened,’ and then says under his breath, "I am in need of a rescuing and I  get the Clover County Desparadoes."
   Ernie picks up on the Judge’s comment, "Hey, he referred to us as , ‘desparadoes,’ Neat."
   The Judge looks out from beneath his broad-brimmed hat at Ernie and says, "Don’t suppose you ever saw the movie, ‘The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight,’?"
   "Hunh, What?" Ernie asks.
   But being the experienced barrister and politico, Judge Patrick deftly slides past Ernie’s inquiry and gets back onto the business at hand, "And presently I am in need of extrication, I’ve never missed a hearing in my 25 years as a magistrate, and I’d hate to start now."
   "I  could always run you down there im my truck," I offer.
   Judge Kippatrick looks to see the buck truck idling peacefully in the backround and shakes his head, "The hearing is this afternoon and I’ve seen your truck run."
   Greg McIntyre agrees with the Judge, "Wouldn’t make it to the hearing until night-fall at that truck’s rate."
   "Even on dry pavement," the Ernie agrees with Greg’s assesssment.
   HM WeenerMan is scrounging around the truck bed and pulls out a long, black cablelish thing, :"WeenerMan Technology to save the Day," he announces.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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