Expert Opiion

   Ranger Warden grins and makes a quick motion, "She’ll help explain all of this."
   A co-ed from the community college, dressed in khaki golfing shorts, and wearing an Australian-style hat walks her way over.
   "Ranger," the coed speaks up, "We are finding an abundance of crayfish, salamanders, minnows, snails and other fresh-water aquatic habitat in and about the primitive stonework in the body of water in survey, but we have thus far had no success of finding any of the subspecies of bass referred to in my notes as stick-bass, or any trace of the hybrid bullhead-catfish also known as algael catfish. Perhaps you could better direct our efforts."
   "I can do better than that," Ranger motions to inside the truck, "I have one of the fishermen," Ranger Warden suppresses a chuckle, "Who first reported their presence here in Too Much Creek."
   "Oh, very good," the coed smiles, "Maybe you can indicate their locations on my watershed survey map here."
   "It was the WeenerMan’s idea," I say tersely.
   "You filled out the survey," Ranger reminds me.
    "I did," I concede, "But Weenerman spells phonetically, what’s this all about anyways."
   The co-ed intronuces herself, "I’m Winsome Springs, President of the Community College Outdoor Pursuits, Conservation, and Enviromental Club. When it was announced that Clover County was doing a major bridging project on a Creek in WeenerMan Township, our Club volunteered to carry out a survey of the aquatic life. It’s good experience, really."
   "Won’t the Too Much be like any other stream this size, you’ll find a lot of the small aquatic life in pools up and down the stream?" I ask.
   "I’m sure we will," the President assures me, "But for now, we are concentrating on the site of the water-bridge," she checks her notes, "And we are finding a stable population of snails, small fish, minnows, but," she rereads her notes, "The crayfish here seem to be a type used for gumbo in some specialty restaurants."
   "That’s a type that can be raised on farm,"Ranger looks at the notes.
   I look uninformed.
   "No bother, they’ll revert back to the wild-form in another season," Ranger Warden explains to the President of the OP,C,& E Club.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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