And Further

   And so now Winsome Springs remembers, "I seem to recall reading in the literature, it being compared to being the sound a small army of lemmings would make moving along a forest for on a warm autumn day; that is if lemmings were ever a forest creature."
   Ranger Warden considers Winsome’s recital of her reading, and finally agrees, "I’d never thought of it, but if an army of lemmings ever tried moving through a woods full of dry leaves; you’re right! That’s how much noise he would make."
   Winsome Springs and Ranger are enjoying themselves thoroughly, "All right, enough already," I say, "the line’s moving, and Ernie’s motioning for me to go, I need to move before Ernie falls of his barrel."
   "Before you leave," Winsome Springs speaks up, "Would you point out where we might be able to find some of the stick-bass?"
   "Actually." I reply, shifting the truck into lower gear, "The stick-bass stick around under the tree roots up by the Drollinger’s, by the Road Bridge," I go on, "And later on this summer, when things warm up, the algae will grow along the edges of some of the pools upstream from here; you’ll find the algae-cats under that."
   "Later this summer," Winsome Springs remarks disappointedly, "Most of the Biology Club won’t be in Collee then," she brightens up, "Maybe you could send us a few specimens if you catch any this summer."
   "Well, that’s the problem with stick-bass," I reply, "When we hook into one, they run back under the snags and all we ever get pulled in is a stick," I shrug, "Same way with the algae-cats, except all we get reeled in there is a clump of algae."
   "You’re putting me on," Winsome Springs says in disbeleif.
   "I’ve seen the way those two fish," Ranger Warden says sympathetically, "And I’m inclined to beleive him on that one."
    "Winsome Springs thinks it through, "Well, it would be worthwhile to study the favored habitat of the stick-bass, and maybe even the algeal-catfish if I have the time."
   "Sounds good to me," I answer, "We’ll send you some samples of stick-bass habitat this summer, that is, if we catch onto some."
   "I’m sure he will," Ranger Warden reassures Winsome Springs, "I’ve seen the way those two fish." 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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