The Case of the Stick-Bass

    I am feeling generous, "Tell you what,’ I tell Winsome, "I’ll have the WeenerMan work on catching you some stick-bass habitat. HM is so accomplished at it, I’ve seen him be able to dcatch them using a cane pole."
   Winsome Springs is unsure what to make of this, "Well, it helps to have friends in high places."
   "Funny you should mention that," I grin, "You should see him, he gets right up there in the branches and dangles the line right down between the roots where the stick-bass hang out. We’ll have to take you along sometime and show you how it is done."
   "I’ll make an entry in my appointment book," Winsome Springs promises.
   With that all cleared up, I set the buck truck into low gear and start up to the Water-bridge for my turn to cross.
    Ernie Stubbs turns the, ‘Go Slow,’ sign towards me and motions for me to ease my truck gently into the water.
   Given the slight slope, and needing to build some momentum to push on accross, I gun the motor a little, and, Splash, I slosh a splash a slosh of water accross where Ernie stands on his 55-gallon drum.
   Apparently Ernie is gesturing towards me and yelling something. But I can’t quite make out what it is that Ernie is yelling. The noise of the buck truck sloshing its way accross the Water-bridge is drowning out everything Ernie is yelling at me. And the spray from the buck truck splashing accross may have also got Ernie too.
   I see Ernie shake his sign at me and then go back to directing the traffic through the Water-bridge and Biological survey.
   The truck climbs up the other side and out of the Water-bridge, and I am on my way once again. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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