Apparently, enough people thought enough of the benefits that the railroad did get right-of-way. The railroad was built with a slight meander to service a small stone quarry along the way. But about the time the railway builders were getting the embankment laid for the railbed, and they approached the TooMuch Creek, the rail planners began to have second thoughts on the subject.
   Given the TooMuch’s wide channel, the Rallroad was going to have to build a pretty long bridge to get accross what in reality was a pretty modest creek. Amd the Creek was where the Stubb’s channel-digging rights, as vacumous as they were, ran out.
   The railroad company decided that they had the line laid into the most profitable part of the township anyways by covering the quarry and most productive farms, and so ended the embankment at a convenient spot by a good road, built a station, and put in a small freight house. Not devoid of a sense of humor, the railroad named the station, RailsEnd. So of course the local people took to calling the station, StubbsEnd.
   And maybe it was a good idea. The railroad was able to make a little money servicing the quarry and the best agriculltural area. And StubbsEnd was close enough to Burdock Center that the cobbling shopwork which was scattered about the township anyways, could conveniently ship their products to RailsEnd for shipment out. Which in turn, kept the mule-haulers busy and on good behavior. And anyone from burdock Center with a hanker to travel wider than the Township, RailsEnd was only a short trip from Burdock Center, accross the TooMuch Creek, and they’d soon be on their way.

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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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