Cash and Carry

   I pull between the freight house and elevators admid the bustle of the active Supply store. I get out of the truck and the first thing I hear is, "’Bout time you showed up, now help me get these sacks loaded."
   I shrug and help the farmer load up his ton truck with several sacks of freshly ground pig feed.
   The farmer steps around the side of his truck and I see that it is Cousin Elmo., "Oh sorry, thought you were some of the hired help here."
   "No problem," I grin.
   "With the racing pig season just starting, I wanted to get the kids started right with some of this Clover County High-Btu pig feed.
   "You use the company brand?" I ask.
   "Best stuff," Cousin Elmop closes the tailgate, "That’s how I got into the pig-racing business. ‘ I was feeding some pigs out for winter meat, and ’bout the first time i fed some of this high-btu corn stuff, I noticesd how the pigs were racingf each other around the pen. at first, I was upset that the pigs would run off oall their weight, but then I played a hunch and entered them into the Racing Pig races at the State Fair. Won their heat, and placed third overall. Made more money on that then I would’ve otherwise, so now since I got an edge on the big boys, I just come down here to the Clover County Supply and load up on my secret ingredient."
   "It’s all in the ingredients," Cousin Elmo winks, "But maybe you should keep a lid on my secret."
   "No one around here takes me too seriously," I agree.
   "Hadn’t thought of that,’ Cousin Elmo looks much releived, "Well Thanks," he says as he swings up into his truck and drives off to continue the top secret training of his racing pigs.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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