Hey There

   I start accross the parking lot when I hear someone call out, "Hey You There," I look up to see the Supply Manager whom everyone referred to as Mr. Graney looking down at at me from an unloadng dock beside the rail spur.
   I guess being accustommed that, ‘Hey You,’ usually meant me, I climbed up onto the loading dock.
   Mr Graney was looking down onto his clipboard, "The Main Office is sending out a new load of certilizer and I need you to get this here loading dock cleared off."
   I look over and see a pile of half a dozen long steel tube gates, the type used to hold cattle in still stacked on thje dock. Forunately, I was wearing my steel-toed tennis shoes for such a contingency. I go over and pick up one end of a gate. I look up to see Mr. Graney busy going over his clipboard.
   Picking up one of the heavy tube gates, I heave it up and carry the gate over to where Mr. Graney is scouring his clipboard.
   Mr. Graney sees the gate and nods over to a nearby pallet, "Stack them there,’ he says, "We’ll get them with the forklift later."
   He doesn’t see me grimace, so I put the tube gate on the pallet, and manage to hoist and wrestle over the other five.
   I walk over by Mr. Graney.
   "Now I need you to," he starts.
   "I’m a customer," I put in.
   "Well in that case," Mr. Graney swings down the clipboard, "how can I be of help?" Mr. Graney continues to explain, "Even though we’re in the middle of planting, the Supply is never too busy for the customer," as I go to say something, Mr. Graney continues, "Never know what the Main Office will send out though," looks over to the pallet of heavy tube gates, "Almost makes me want to have my own mini-engine so I could run up the stub-line and pick up what I wanted."
    I comment, "Too bad you can’t get a hold of one of those new semi-type track trucks that have the train wheels built in that you can set down and drive down the spur."
   "Considered that, he rail company said they’d give me a call,trackage rights, the state, you know. But if they ever got a hold of a surplus unit that’s the main sticking-point," Mr. Graney stops long enough to take the unlt cigar from between his teeth, "As a matter of fact, just this morning there was some fellow in here offering to help me to set up one of the trucks that way, with the training wheels and stuff," Mr Graney puts the unlit cigar back between his teeth, "Told him we couldn’t habve a truck offline right now, that I’d be better off to wait for the railway company on that one."
   A light-bulb goes off, "That fellow, the guy who wanted to modify the  trucks which way did he go?"
   Mr Graney looks up from the clipboard, "Claimed to be a Horticultural
Enteprenour, was engineering some kind of raised-bed aqua-gation set up, so I sent him over to the where we keep the garden supplies up by the Freight House."
   "Hey Thanks," I tell Mr. Graney and start for the Freight House.
   "Hold it," Mr Graney stops me, "You’d better get those gates set straight on that pallet. Need to keep them balanced right for the fork-lift."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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