I’m making sure the blocks and trailer are hooked up whle the WeenerMan goes over and pulls the CB and a couple country Hank Williams Jr tapes out of the RodneyMobile.
   "I’ll have to come back for Rodney," the Weener admits, "Maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will leaveme a can of body-bondo," he shrugs, "That’s how  Rodney got painted tractor-blue."
    Standing by the truck, I remark, "Still wish I knew where the Old Horse Farmer lived."
   Then off in the distance, in the road coming our way ever so gradually are two figures on a bicycle, appearing to have a sizeable object behind them."
   "Let’s see this," Weenerman suggests, "Maybe they’ll know."
    "At least it should be interesting," I agree.
    The bicycle built for two comes close enough to see that on the front seat of the bicycle built for two is a kid about twelve pedaling away for all that he is worth, seated behind him is a matronly older woman who is pedaling and coaching, "Keep her steady Junior, let the gearing do the work for you."
    WeenerMan recognizes the matronly lady, "Horse Granny," he greets her, "How are you doing?"
   "HM," she recognizes him, "So Juior and I are out enjoying a fine bike ride on and enjoying the weather, what brings you out?" she asks.
    "Oh, we have a trailer of building-blocks to deliver over to the Estate," WeenerMan responds, "and we have a load of compost to pickup over at your place."
    "That explains the rabbit-hutch," Horse Granny figures,"And you have a trailer too," Horse-Granny smiles mysteriously, then she sees our puzzled expressions, "Junior here drove came over to visit his Grampa on the family utility-cart, but forgot that the utility-cart usually runs itself out of gas on the trip, sort of like the old story of the two fools who took a canoe trip down the Too Much and when they got down to the end, realized that they had left their truck parked back at the Upper End . "
    "Uhhm, yeah," I comment.
    "And so rather than wait for his Grampa to come back from town and try to wheedle some gas from him, Junior and I hooked up the tandem-bicycle and are giving the utility-cart a tow home," Horse Granny explains.
    "Sounds perfectly logical to me," Weenerman agrees with Horse-Granny.
    I look where the utility-cart sits on the trailer, "I suppose we could give you guys a tow the rest of the way," I offer.
   Horse Granny looks over to where the trailer of building blocks are hitched to my truck, and where Rodney sits, "Oh no, don’t bother yourselves, we only have a couple miles to go, and besides," she confides, "It’s a great way to spend time with Junior, and he is in training for the Clover County Pedal Tractor Pull-Off ."
    WeenerMan offers them a couple cans of murky green pop from the cooler, "Oh my, do they still make that stuff?" Horse Granny gasps, "That green-pop was the reason they ended Prohibition you know."
   I grin, best explanation I’d ever heard.
    Junior grabs a can of murky green pop, waves and soon he and Horse Granny are busy pedaling off to home, with the utility cart in tow.
   "Oh Yeah," Weener-man calls out, "How do we get to your place from here?"
   "Can’t miss it, the Horse Grany calls back, Just take the first road to your right!"

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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