Drop In

   And so as I watch the Rodney-trailer, the garden tools, the occupants, and my sole means of transportation recede further down the road, I scratch my head.
Given my adversion to too much excercise, I’d really like to catch back up with my truck, even though with the gourmet mushrooms in the cooler in the cab, it’d mean that I’d be riding in the bed. But looking either way on the side road, it was obvious there would be little chance of catching a ride from along here. And even if there was any traffic, I doubt the offer of a luke warm murky green pop would cause any one to slow down.
   Then the perspiration hits me, despite the Weenerman’s formidable intellect, He could be out-smarted.
   It might take him awhile to run out of sophisticated phrases and narrative of the lore of this side of Weenerman Township, but sooner or later, he’d have to fulfill the original intent of his task in the first place which was to take Twisty back to where her car was parked. It should be parked one road over from here.
   All I had to do was to go the overland route to one road over and wait by the Burdock Pizzia Delivery car was parked and sooner or later the Weenerman and Twisty would show up. Rescue was assured!
   The only complication was the trip overland through the broken scrub to where Twisty had parked. But if Twisty could do it, no doubt so could I.
   I hop off of the berm and start by way into the brush and into the scrub. Getting closer to the Creek, this area tended to be patches of open, and sporadic clumps of trees. It was popular with the outdoor people in the area. Frankly, it was also popular with the local doctor and pharmacist. Frequent clumps of poisoin ivy also dotted this shis scrub, and had a nasty habit of deciding to grow right where people needed to go.
   Concentrating on by passing the ivy, I finally look up to see where the trees are thicker through here, one might be able to call it a woods or even a small forest. Best as I can reckon, I’m somewhere near the top of the roll that separates the side-road from the other side where Twisty had parked the pizzia-delivery car.
   But that reckon is about as good as it gets, because in the process of being on the look out for poisoin ivy, I’d gotten myself turned around.
   Then again, all I really needed to do was get my bearings. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Great. It was mid-day.
   The moss supposedly grew on the south side of the trees. Except around here, moss grew on everything, everywhere, in all directions.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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