Back to the Road

   After some stumbling through the Rough on a course that takes me around the tree smakes’ cluster, I make it back and find myself standing on the berm of the road I first went in from. Deciding that the next best course of action was to go back to the Rodney Mobile and wait, I start walking back.
   Then I am startled. There is a rustling in an elm tree to my left. And then a tallish figure seemes towing out on a branch and let his weight lower himself back to road level.
   "My up-right walking challenged compadre," I greet the recent drop-in.
   HM WeenerMan gets his footing, gives a quickish look up and down the road and asks, "Is the coast clear yet?"
   I shrug.  As to meaning.
   "Like I was saying, are the speciologists gone?" HM asks determinedly.
   "Oh you mean Winsome Springs and the Biology Club from the College," I deduce, "Last I saw them was about a half hour ago, and they were headed back to the Water-Bridge to catch up on the Survey, if that’s what you mean."
    "I do," the Weenerman growls and pulls down the branch further to take a small satchel of tools he had hanging from a limb.
He then finally lets go the branch to let his emergency escape route spring back up into the boughs of the tree, "And that comes as a major releif."
    "But how did ou get here?" I ask the obvious question.
    "Oh that’s plain enough," WeenerMan adjusts his stance and rubs the top of his head, ‘I got dropped off at the corner and was walking back here to do some work on the Rodney, when I see this bunch of people running towards me in white coats yelling something about a major tree snakes cluster," the Weenerman grins a bit, "Not wishing to scorn the admonitions of a large group of people in lab coats, I take them at their word and wishing to avoid getting myself trapped beneath a large concentration of tree garters, I take off into the Roughs to clear out of the area, as in, get out of town, fast."
   "But how’d you end up," I look up at the elm tree.
   The WeenerMan picks upthe satchel of tools, "I dunno, but all of the sudden the white coats stop and start taking pictures of something moving through the Roughs and exclaiming things like, ‘There he goes,’ and ‘Collect samples,’ Talk like that gets me thinking that maybe I’d rather take my chances with a couple dozen tree snakes, I spot a climbing tree, and shinny up it. Since then I’ve been working my way back to the road. You know I’m still surprised how these Roughs get so thick in places that you can shnny from tree to tree on the branches, just like the Big Top."
   "Just like the Big Top," I agree.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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