The Mystery of the Green Acorn

   Carefully I make one very long step in the general direction of leaving the Roughs, and then I hear the sound of a small object falling down through the branches in the Weenerman’s direction.
   Before I can warn him, the object falls out of the trees and with a hollow, ‘Clonk,’ lands square right on top of the Weenerman’s head, and bounces high before falling on down to the ground.
   "Look Out!" I warn good ol’ HM, a bit too late perhaps.
   The WeenerMan is looking intently at where the object landed.
   "Somehow I doubt if Ernie is behind this one," I remark, "Climbing up that tree would be too much effort."
   "Could be," the Weenerman gives the canopy above us an appraising look over, "However these trees are wel suited for climbing through, especially this time of day when the dew has dried off of the limbs."
    I see a faint movenent in a branch above us.
   The Weenerman continues, "Unlike the deeper Roughs were the trees are mature enough to render movement between them more difficult, unless there happens to be enough grape-vines growing to provide a convenient means to swing betwixt.."
   I hear a rustling sound, and see a small object falling downwards, "Incoming!" I warn as I duck, looking for cover.
   There is a hollow, ‘clonk,’ as a green acrorn lands on top of the Weenerman’s head and makes a high bounce before falling to the floor of the Roughs.
   "Ah, a green acorn," the WeenerMan observes, "Fortunately, I am testing a new hair gel, I got a free sample back at the Burdock Center Pharmacy."
   Another green acorn plummets from the canopy and bounces off of the top of the Weenerman’s head, and bounces to the ground.
   ‘I calculate that the gel must create a trampololine effect," the WeenerMan says as another green acorn bounces off his carapice with a hollow, ‘clonk.’
   "But what I can’t figure out entirely," he says, "Is that the shells on these acorns appear to have been split during their descent."
   "Maybe a case of a hard object meeting up with an even more impenetrable surface," I say quickly.
   "Possibly the acorns do collide with stout branches as they fall down through the canopy," HM WeeenerMan agrees, "This will require some thought of sorts."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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