Likelier Suspects

   And from a tree trunk bounds a gray bush-tailed little creature. He hops over to a split green acorn, makes a little bowing motion in the direction o0f HM Weenerman, gulps down the acorn, and then bounds back up the tree that he had come from.
   "And that could be your likely suspect right there," I suggest.
   "Weener-Man furrows his brow, "This is the green acorn time, some varieties may be ripe enough to be edible at this time, just they’ll need to split the shell."
   "There you go," I nod agreement.
   Then Weener-man looks up into the trees and suddenly shouts, "Head for Rodney!!"
   At first, I am stymied, but when the WeenerMan expends the energy to actually run, you don’t ask questions, and I take off for the RodneyMobile.
   Soon, acorns are showering down upon us from the treetops all the way back to the Rodney-Mobile.
   There is the occasional, hollow, ‘Clonk,’ noise as some lucky squirrel scores a hit on Weenerman’s noggin’.
   We both dive into the Rodney-Mobile.
   WeenerMan  turns the key. Rodney is recalcitrant as he turns over slowly.
   "Start you Knee-cap!" Weener-man yells as he raps the steering column and dash.
   The ignition picks up speed, and Rodney coughs to life.
   By now, the acorns sound like so many hailstones bouncing off of the roof of the Rodney-Mobile.
   Flakes of paint float in our wake.
   Bouncing and jolting, the Weener-man heads Rodney from berm to berm, as we race out of the roughs.
   Finally after a big bounce over a small tree that was accross the lane, we are out in the open and back on an official WeenerMan Twpship roadway.
   As we pull away, in the distant, you could here the excitable chatter of a score or so ofsquirrels in the roughs behind us.
   If you didn’t know any better, you might mistake the chattering as to some time of arborreal laughter.
   Weenerman gets Rodney under control, and comments, "It’s a good thing we got out of there, because once one of them found a surfacehard enough to split open the acorn, I figured he call in all of his relatives, and acquanitances to cash in on the sudden boon."
   "On the Family Plan," I agree.
   "Chalk up another first," the Weenerman grins a little, "We’ve been bounced out of enough places, but this is the first time I’ve ever been bounced of the woods by a bunch of squirrels," and then he frowns, "And no one will ever beleive us."
   "Ernie will," I point out, "He put up the sign."
   "And who listens to Ernie besides us," Weenerman decides, but with his slight grin returned.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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