"Umm, Weener-man, Remember how  you get at Garage Sales?" I ask.
   "Don’t Worry, I don’t have much money on me this time," HM reassures me.
   And so Rodney bounces down the Township Road.  Soon on the North side of the road there is a ranch-style house. Balloons festoon the mailbox.
   An arrow on a sign pointing towards the driveway annonces: "You Are Here!"
   And nearly as reassuring is a sign with a flashing arrow pointing towards the drive with the message: ‘Bargains Galore!!!!’
   "I think we found it," Weener-Man announces, "Let’s stop in and see the Bargains."
   "Aieeee," I reply.
   "What’s that about?" HM Weener-Man challenges me.
   "Just warming up," I answer back.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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