The Case of the Open Window (Part Four)

   Mrs Sumner reads on, "But there were refreshments by the time the Reveiw was over," she looks up, "Consisting of lumpy pastries, and the cherry soda punch had developed an odd yellow-green tinge at the edges.
    "I took a whole lot of bromide after that one,’ one of the gallery comments, The cafeteria lady later remarked that all of the baking supplies had been put back into the wrong places"
   Weenerman shrugs, "Atmospheric conditions, and changes in humidity."
   "And cooking for the entire school, even the cafeteria lady may have things end up in somewhere else," I offer.
   "Sure," Mrs Sumner smiles, "But it happened long enough ago, I’ll probably just file it under miscellaneous explanations."
   Mrs Sumner turns to all in her garage, "But I found something else quite interesting when I was going through the file cabinenet," she holds up a hard lump of somthing brown with white streaks in it, "Does any one here have any ideas what this could be?"
   WeenerMan slouches down in his BisCayne chair.
   "Didn’t the biology teacher used to keep a sample of petrified giant sloth guano?" one of the bridge players suggests.
    "Maybe it’s a hockey puck," one of the gallery remarks, "From the one winter the Exempted Schools tried to have a hockey team?"
   "I thought the kindergarten treid to pour their own paper weights once," another gallery person speaks up.
   Just then the side door to the garage swings open, and in steps Twistine, "I checked in at the Burdock, and I don’t work ’til tonight, saw Rodney, and had my cousin drop me off here, I was bgoing to see if you Barney Bums wanted to go over to my familiy’s barbeque cook-off this…" Twistine sees what MrsSumner is holding aloft, "Ewww," she says krinkling her nose, "You’ve got one of Weenerman’s Pounder-Drop cookies."
    "A Weenerman’s Pounder-drop cookie?" Mrs Sumner asks.
    "Sure, he can mix them up from about any baking mix," Twisty explains, "He adds some sugar and sprinkles, pop them in the oven or a dutch kettle over a fire, and in fifthteen minutes you’ve got dessert," Twisty grins, "Can’t say its the greatest drop cookie ever, but if you’re twenty or so miles from civilization, they’ll do."
    Mrs Sumner turns slightly to look at the Weener-man. Her foot is tapping.
   HM Weenerman sits up as if he is cornered, but then he spots where the garage window has been left open, Weener-man points to the open window and shouts, "Quick, to the Rodney-Mobile!"
   Twisty sort of rolls her eyes and steps back outside.
   Weenerman announces, "I’ll go first, to make sure the coast is clear!"
   Then the Weener-Man runs up and hurdles his way through the open window
   There is the sound of metallic crashing and clanging. A cat yowls in surprise.
    Then a lone voice is heard through the window, "The coast is clear, I took out the garbage cans.’
    I back up to the window, and give a quick nod, say, "Excuse me," and I step through the window, and do a quick, "Whoops!," and a pratfall of my own.
   Weener-man picks himself up from the pile of garbage cans and tells me, "Look out for the banana-peel," then, "There, Twist has the Rodney-Mobile Rodney ready. Let us Depart!"
   Both Weener-man and I sprint back down the drive-way to where Twistine sits in Rodney.
   Twisty warns us "I can’t get Rodney to start, you’ll have to push."
   Weenerman and I each take a side of Rodeny and start pushing the car down the road.
   Finally Twisty is able to get the motor to turn over and Rodney coughs back to life, "Let’s go," And so Weener-man and I pile in as best we can, and Rodney begins to bounce down the road to make the conmplete get away.
   Back at the Garage Sale, the participants watch Rodney bounce and cough away down the township road.
   MrsSumner looks quizzacal, "And I was going to ask the WeenerMan if he could make me any more of these," she says about the Pounder-drop cookie, "I thought I could use them in my rock garden."
   A of the bridge players watches Rodney bounce and jolt down the township road and remarks, "You know, if we get on our bikes, I bet we could probably catch up to them."
   Mrs Sumner watches the Rodney-Mobile depart, sips on a glass of cold ice tea, and smiles, "This has been a good day."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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