Good Clean Fun??

   As Rodney clatters away from the scientific base camp, Twisty complains, "This car sure is kicking up a passel of dust, I’ll probably have to run everything through the washer after I get off work tonight," she casts a look our way, "Of course I would expect you Barney Bums to take off for the back country and soak your wash in a stream someplace."
   "Not really," I explain, "The Wringer-washer does just fine, it’s served my family well for over three generations."
   "Ought to do like me," Hm Weenerman says, "When I need to do my wash, I just go down to Laundro-Suds in Burdock Centre. For a couple coins I get the whole mess  clean, and then I just take it home and hang it on the back fence to dry."
    "Sounds convenient," I reply.
    WeenerMan shrugs, "And I don’t have to mess with the plumbing, wiring, and all that hyullabub."
    "The fellows a genious," I decide, "I’ll have to try it."
    "It has its advantages," WeenerMan says proudly.
    "My Cousin Tally likes to use the Laundro-Suds too," Twisty puts in, but with maybe a mischeivious little smile on her face, "Tally says its a great place to find a man,"
    Weener-Man and myself freeze up right there.
    "Explain," I finally mange.
    "Oh my Cousin Tally loves to go there to do her wash," Twisty says knowingly, "Cousin Tally says that she figures that if a man has enough practical-sense to use the Laundro-Suds, then he is a good candidate,"
   "Candidate?" HM Weener-Man responds.
   "Sure, I think my Cousin Tally might be onto something," Twisty says as Rodney rocks down between the Berms, "Cousin Tally says that if a man has enough practical-sense to use the Laundro-Suds then he’ll be the perfect candidate for a Big Wedding, and making himself Worth-While."
    "B-B," I start.
    "W-W-" Weener-Man stammers, unable to finish the sentence.
    Twisty tries to keep a straight-face to coment, "What’s going on, you Barney-Bums seem to be stammering a lot today."
    "Maybe it’s somehthing in the air," I finally recover enough to suggest, "With this garden-planting and stuff."
    "Could be,’ Twisty accepts, "Oh by the way, if you Barney-Bums would be interested, Handy Hanks is running a big special on that completely bio-degradable laundry detergent."
    "Gee thanks," I say.
    "You’ll have to look for it," she explains, "It’s in the aisle back by the big cake pans, for big cakes they use in weddings, it wil take some looking, but it’s worth it."
     "W-W-," Weener-man repeats himself.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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