Finding Ernie

   We go along slowly with an eye out for Ernie. We find him almost up to the next intersection. It looks like he has a yardstick and is carefully measuring the berm.
   We hear him count, "1755, 1756," then he looks up, "Hi Guys," Ernie says with his natural enthusiasm.
   "You ook busy," Weener-man says from the passenger window.
   Ernie looks at his yardstick and the berm, "Judge Patrick has me out measuring the distance between the Stop signs on the township roads," Ernie shrugs, "Something to do with grants, and the Judge likes to know all that kind of stuff," Ernie half-grins, "And the Judge signs my paycheck."
   "And he knows what Ernie’s up to too," Twisty says to us in the car.
   Ernie scratches his head, "So where are all of you headed today?" then he grins, "I hear the Upstate Zoo has an exhibition of kiwi birds going on" but then he points at HM, "But you’d better keep a close eye on Weener there, we don’t want to find him swinging through the Howler Monkey cage; again."
   I grin, "The most interesting part of that feild trip."
   "That was a long time ago," the Weener-man scowls, "And besides, I wasn’t swinging around anywhere, I was sitting on a park bench that just happened to be located to the front of the howler monkey display."
    "When I first saw him, he’d climbed up on the park bench and was looking into the cage," Twisty puts in, "Listening to all the hooty-noises those howler monkeys were making," she half-grins, "Looks like he understood a good deal of it too!"
   "If I were, the conversation would contain more a great deal more intellectual content than from around here," the Weener-man growls in reply. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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