Carpie Deim

   Twisty then shifts the subject, "I thought I heard of crappy being in the Too Much."
   "Oh yeah," Ernie attests, "And Weener’s real good at catching them too, sort of like a mini-carp," Ernie reports, "Clean’em, skin’em, put them oon the end of a stick and roast them right up!"
    "One of my culinary success stories," HM Weenerman confirms.
   "Yeah, your fish-on-a-stick dinner is pretty good," Twisty puts her hands on her hips, "But I’m talking about those tissue-mouths, the ones serious fisherman drive to the Lake for."
   "You’re talking about crappie," I finally deduce Twisty’s line of inquirey.
   "I know somebody who caught one, once,’ Weenerman says knowingly.
   "Wow," Ernie is impressed.
   "I was just wondering if there was anything in this here glorified creek worth going after," Twisty is still baffles.
    She frowns, "I doubt if there are even full-sized carp in this wayward-waterway."
    "There used to be," Weenerman informs her, "Some pretty good sized ones too."
   "Who told you that," Twisty asks, "Ed Drollinger?"
   "No, I used to watch them swim up and down the riffles," Weener-man makes a back-and forth sweeping motion with his left arm, "Could watch them run them all afternoon."
    "Yep, that was a way to knock off an afternoon of school," Ernie chimes in.
    Twisty has her hands on her hips again, so If there were so many, where are they all now?"
    The Weener-Man stops in mid-sweep, "They were many until the double-sized snapping-turtles got to them," he says with a nod.
   "Double-sized snapping turtles?!" Twisty exclaims, "Now you’re putting me on for sure!"
   "No they exist," Weener-man tells Twisty.
   "And I’ll second him on that!" Ernie says knowingly, "They bite too," Ernie says as he rubs  his hindquarters.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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