Carpie Diem

   "But isn’t there anything in that glorified creek like crappie?" Twisty blusters.
   "Oh sure, there’s lots of carpies in there," Ernie interjects, "Weener catches tham all the time!"
   "Carpies?" Twisty is baffles.
   "Sure little fishes, little bigger than a minnow," Ernie explains, "Clean’em, stick them on the end of a stick and roast them over a fire, taste real good."
   "Carpies on a stuck,  one of my specialties," Weener-Man says proudly.
   "I’ve had your version of fish-sticks," Twisty rolls her eyes. "But I’m talking about fish worth catching, like crappie, you know ones that serious fishermen would try catching."
    I rub my head, "I suppose you could go to the lake," I start.
    "The Lake?" Twisty is in form, "Why they wouldn’t let you joke-fishermen in there if you paid the daily admission, you jinx everyone in there!"
   "It’s more like, when everyone sees Weener-man pulling out carpies and joke-catfish, they give up and go home," Ernie offers to explain.
   "Whatever," Twisty sighs, "But that wayward-waterway doesn’t even contain a good population of carp."
    "I know, used to be some pretty good-sized ones in there," HM Weenerman agrees with Twisty.
    "Yeah, you could sit on the creek-bank with a pack of that greeen pop and watch them run the riffles, Ernie remembers, "used to be a great way to knock off an afternoon of school."
    "So whatever happened to them then?" Twistine wants to know.
    "The Too Much used to be full of them, until the snapping turtles got them," WeenerMan comments.
    "Snapping turtles?" Twistine asks.
   "Yep, big enough that they call them, 2X, or even 3X snap-pers," Weener-Man tells Twisty.
    "And they bite too," Ernie confirms, this time rubbing his hind-quarters. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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