On Down the Road

   And so the Rodney-Mobile bangs on down to the next intersection.
   While we are waiting for Rodney to complete the trip, we listen to the Hank tape.
   The song on the tape gets to, "And come to think of it, you fired my,"-then,  ‘Grggbrffkkk!’
   "The stereo’s eating Hank!" Twisty says as she punches the eject button.
   The Weener-Man carefully fishes the tape out of the stereo, "Great, another evening untangling a cassette tape."
    Twistine looks closer at the tape deck, "Bargrain City Special? I didn’t think they even made those anymore."
   "They don’t, I picked it up at a yard Sale," Weener-Man comments.
   "It’s not even a cassette player, it’s a tape deck with a cassette adapter," Twisty reads,
"RaunchCo Industries Tape Deck Adapter Unit."
   "Got that out of the ‘For Free’ box," HM WeenerMan says proudly.
   "Oh well,"Twisty saya at last, "There’s always the radio."
   She flips on the AM radio and is met with static. Twisty keeps adjusting the station tuner until she is greeted by a glib-sounding voice, "This is DJ, the DJ, bringing you the golden muisic on WFHC-MD Radio, on your AM dial. Now sit back and enjoy another commercial free set of, ‘Marching Along with the Moms and Dads.."
    "The station’s coming in clearer today," Twistine comments.
   "I think DJ must have gotten a new extension cord," I remark.
    "I just wish he’d get himself some new music," Twistine frowns, "It’s the same stuff all the time, even a devoted DJ-fan gets tired of, ‘March Along with the Moms and Dads.’"
    "DJ’s got others," Weener-man points out.
    "Well yeah, Harmonica Gold, and Ballads of the Crooning Cowboys," Twistine agrees, "But a little variety, Please."
    "They’re his main sponser’s favorites," I fill Twisty in.
    "Oh, you mean the Clover County National Bank and Laundromat," Twisty replies.
    "That’s them," Weenerman answers.
    "Play what the boss likes, makes sense," Twisty decides.
    "He’s got some other stuff too, he slips it in," I reassure Twisty.
    "That’s good, variety’s the stuff of life," Twisty remarks, "But I was wondering do either of you know what the -MD stands for in WFHC-MD?"
    Weenerman nods, "Mono-Definitional."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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