A Pate of Dutch Rubbe

   Gerbil comes back pulling a large covered pan.
   ‘Uncle Heinrich sent me down with all this," Gerbil announces, "Said he hates to see anybody going hungry around here!"
   He removes the lid and the wondrous smells of good barbecue emanate.
   Soon I’m by myself. Even telling me how to fix a car, doesn’t stand a chance to Uncle Heinrich’s BBQ-R. Especially when it’s free.
   I’m putting Weener-Man’s tool-box away when Twisty walks by and hands me a hmburger, "I managed to pull this out for you before the mob cleaned out the the BBQ-pan."
   "Thanx," I say with a grin.
   Just then, none other than the Weener-Man comes back from the direction of the grilling area carrying a big plate of reddish-covered pork chops. He is rubbing his pate at the same time.
   "See you got your plate of Dutch Rubb" I greet him.
   "That too, also got a pate of the Dutch Rubbe," Weener-Man rubs his scalp.
   Twisty looks amused, "You fall for that one every time."
   "Always lands m a big heap of pork chops," the Weener-man shrugs, "That’s how it goes."
   Gerbil is studying the Weener-Man’s scalp real intently, "What color bottle did Uncle Heinri take the Dutche Rubbe from?"
   The Weener-Man raises his brow, "The Blue One, why?"
   "Aihm," Gerbil tries to phrase this right, "He must have grabbed the wrong one, he was working on a hair tonic for dogs and household pets, suppose to make their hair look fuller and thickerer, maybe even grow some."
   "And so," HM Weener-man asks back, "Big Deal, probably works better than the after-shavethe barber-slaps on people."
   "You were in for your yearly hair-cut?" Twisty is surprised.
   "Nah, I was in there reading the comic books," Weener-man explains, "Besides, I do bi-yealy hair-cuts, whether I need one or not."
    Gerbil still regards the Weener-man’s scalp warily, "Uncle Heinrich said something about the tonic activating best in direct sun-light."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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