Just then a panel-truck pulls up beside the gathering. It is Amos Mobile Outdoor Trader Truck.
   "Amos hangs out the window, ‘Hi there Guys."
   "Hi there Amos," everybody greets back in unison.
   Amos hops down out of the cab and walks to the back of his truck.
   Everybody gathers near the rear of the truck to see what Amos has in store.
   Amos announces, "You know on Amos’ Trader Truck how I bring the best outdoor values to you in the outdoors,"
   Everyone in the crowd shake their heads and reach for their wallets.
   "And so today, I came accross a special buy-out and want to pass the savings onto you!" With that Amos swings the door open to reveal his latest buy-out deal.
   Gus looks inside, "Say Amos you got the wrong truck! All I see in there are tree-stands, bows, and deer-lure, Deer hunting season is months away."
   Sam rubs his head, "Last fellas that tried that out -of -season stuff got three months out of it, thanks to Ranger Warden."
   Amos holds up a hand to calm the objectors, "But this is an early, early bird sale."
   "Sounds like an early dirty-bird sale to me," someone in the crowd suggests.
   Amos seems to scowl but explains, "Did you know in most places, the fellas begin to prepare to hunt their deer months in advance?"
   "Really?" Gus is surprised, "’Round here all we have to go do is go out in the woods and wait for the deer on opening day."
   Amos shakes his head knowingly, "And how many of you end up swinging through the County Seat on the way home to pick up a bunch of venison burgers and deer-sausage on the way home so the wife doesn’t know any better?"
   The murmuring quiets as all  in the crowd look around, trying to look unawares.
   "Now who will be the first fella’ I can help?"
   I step up to the truck, "Well, I’ve been meaning to try my luck at archery," I start.
   Amos gives me a stern glance, "This sale is for serious customers, I’ve heard you move through the woods, construction work on the InterState is a tad bit quieter."
   Many in the crowd nod their agreement.
   Amos smiles, "Besides, I soak, er deal with you on fishing gear anyways, hang around, I got a new cane-pole and reel combo."
   I nod good-naturedly and step back.
   And now for any serious cutoomers," Amos announces.
   The guys crowd around the back of the truck and soon are going through all the neceesary gear that Amos has on hand.
   HM Weenerman is holding up what looks to be an used air force jump suit, it’s olive drab and seems to have bundles of twine sewn into it. Each bundle is a different shade of brown or orange.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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