On for Size

   The Weener-Man tries on the twiney camo-suit as Amos gives him the pitch, "See there, fits like a glove, and light-weight too, cool in the fall,but can bundle up for late autumn too."
   "And you  can rent yourself out as a hay-baler in the summer!" one retired farmer jests.
   "What about the twiney things?" Weenerman ponders.
   "The latest thing," Amops testifies, "Deer have looked for the human outline, so traditional camo-gear is being out-smarted even as we speak," Amos points to the camo-uniform, "But this is the latest spaced-aged design, the human form is broken up and the forest creatures will not even know of your presence."
    "Looks home-made to me," I remark.
    "That’s the genious of it," Amos assures me, "You say home-made, I say custom-fit! While the forest denizens watch for the home-made apparatus normally concocted by the citizens of this local Township our friend, H.M. WeenerMan will be treading up to their presence unbeknownst to even the wiliest of the wild-life!"
    "Something’s Wiley," Twisty says just loud enough for me to hear.
    "Sounds quite promising," WeenerMan nods, "So how much?"
    "Just 52.95, plus tax where applicable," Amos tells the Weener, "And we have a great lay-away plan too!"
    The Weener-man is readjusting the twiney-suit and nodding affirmatively when Gus speaks up, "Now you can be a really Serious deer-hunter now!"
    "Yep," Sam agrees, "Up before dawn, in the trees-stand by day-break, and waiting for the trophy.."
    "Wait there," the Weener-Man stops Sam.
    "Problems there Son?" Amos asks HM.
    "Just one," the Weener-Man replies, while looking truly regretful.
    "And what’s that?" Amos aks not wanting to lose a close sale.
    "The Code of the Barny-Bums," Weener-man says seriously.
    "Ahm Waht?" Amos asks, "I am not familiar with the Barney-Bum Code, are you sure it’s in there?"
    Now I nod my head, "The Weener-Man an expert on the Barney Bum Code," I explain to Amos.
    "Well, he’s an expert on being a Barney-Bum," Twistine throws in her observarion.
   "It’s right there in Article Two<" the Weener-man explains, and then quotes, "I will not arise before first sun-light  with the purposeful intention of setting out to accomplish anything useful or worth-while," he shrugs, "That’s the Code."
   "It’s in there," I confirm the Weener-Man’s memory.
    "The Code of the Barney-Bums," Twisty adds her input, "He’s lived by it for years."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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