Amongst Morels

   "Well somebody needs to go for help in case of trouble," Weenerman states.
   "Trouble in these woods around this Township?" amos himself is surprised.
    "Like a forest fire or ravenous bear on the rampage," Weenerman continues.
    "Ok, but we don’t exactly have much of a forest to have a proper forest fire in," Amos figures, "And there hasn’t been a bear, much less a rampaging bear through here, except with the circus."
    "And that’s my point, that dancing circus bear got loose and jumped in the middle of a good overnight fishing trip," Weenerman asserts.
    "That is the fastest I ever saw those Barney-Bums ever run," Twisty puts in with a mischevious smile.
    "And that old bear, all it would of done was dance around your campfire if you’d given it a couple cat-fish and played some music," Gus agrees with Amos and Twistine.
    "Butif  you are intently concentrating on a bobber in pitch black and have some large growling furry thing come into your camp," Weener-Man asserts.
    "Comes to think of it, I did have such an experience with the mother-in-law once," Orville observes.
    "Orrrville," Sweety cautions Orville.
    "Of course Sweety, it turned out to be her lha-apso instead, such a cute little canine there," Orville quickly covers his tracks.
    "And just put yourselves in our shoes," The Weener-man expounds.
    "Yeah, Right accross the Too Much and up the other bank, didn’t stop to you hit Burdock Centre, and you woke the Judge up in the middle of the night," Twistine remembers.
    "Well, it was a traumatic experience," I try to defend our venture.
   "Some traumatic hoof-fram," Twisty grins, "The Judge finds the circus bear laying in the middle of your fishing camp, making moaning noises from where it had gotten a’hold of a batch of Weener’s Pounder-Pancakes," she shifts her stance, "Had to get the vet out of bed to perform emergency treatment," Twistine can hardly hold back a laugh, "Vet said it was the first time he had ever had to pump the stomach on a black bear before, poor thing had to swallow the pounder-pancakes whole being toothless and all."
   "The Bear didn’t dance much at the Circus the next day either," Sam adds, "We had to settle for the clowns."
    Gus speaks up, "And Judge patrick said we had a good supply of those already."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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