Amongst Amos

   Amos gets to thinking, "You know, if you could go about and find all the Morels you need on your own, you wouldn’n have to put up withall the side-comments.’
   Weenerman agrees, "You’re right on that, but what do I need morels for anyways, I already take a bath twice a,"
   "For pizzia," Twisty gets him back on track.
   "Yeah, Mushrooms for pizzia," the Weener remembers, "So tell me, how will this camo-suit help me find more mushrooms?"
   Amos takes the Weener-man aside and says in a conspiratorial tone of voice, "The old-time mushroom hunters tell me that highly-valued mushrooms have a conditioned response to retract under the leaf litter and duff when they sense a predator and picker near-by, sort of a response like a Venus fly-trap."
    "And maybe that’s why I am not finding more Morels than I do," HM Weener-man reasons.
   "Why You’re right!" Amos is enlightened by Weener’s hypothesis, "That would be why you find fewer mushrooms, Of Coursre!"
   And now the Weener-man continues, "And so I must resort to strategery to get the jump on the quarry," and then the Weener-man pauses and gets sort of a low smile, "Like if I went to the woods in a camoflauge-suit of advanced design, such as this one, I could approach the target-mushrooms and have them plucked and in the bag before the mushrooms even knew that they’d been gotten."
    Amos nods his head slowly, and listens to the Weener’s conclusions, "A man of resource," Amos says with admiration, "A true Enteprenour of the outdoors."
   HM Weenerman wrinkles his brow momnentarily, "So how much does an apparatus this camo-suit cost, or perhaps I could lease it for the afternoon?"
   Amos pulls out a little note-pad and jots down some figures, ‘Well we do have an easy lay-a-way plan, but yeah I could see my way to a rental," Amos figures, "Figure in a charge for dry cleaning, I come up with a figure of six-dollaras and forty-two cents."
   "Hmmm," the Weenerman is in deep consideration when Gerbil yells, "Look everybody! The WFHC NewsVan is coming!!"
    "NewsVan?" Amos gasps, "As in investigative reporting?" Amos quicly closes up the his Trading Truck and starts to pull out, ‘You can mail it to my Post Office Box," Amos yells to Weener as the Trading Truck pulls out and gets on down the road.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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