"Whoops!" I say and I spin around to see none other than Winsome Springs standing there holding a microphone as the new newscrew is filming away.
   "These taste great," I testify, "Best BBQ-R in the Township."
   "Well there you have it," Winsome Springs says looking into the camera, "From a satisfied customer, once again Uncle Heinrich’s BBQ-R has been voted the best in Weenerman Township," she smiles a bit longer and then makes a cutting motion with her free hand.
   "Cut!" someone calls out.
   The answer is, "Shutting down, um where is the off button on this?"
   Winsome turns our way, "New guy on the camera, the Biology Club spends more time on Science than we do Broadcast."
   "Really?" Twisty is interested, "So how did your people get in on the news bizness?"
   "The WFHC station has a cable network," Winsome replies.
   "Really?" Twisty asks.
   I take a bite of hamburger and nod, "They do. They show a lot of infomercials"
   Winsome holds back a giggle, "He’s one of their best  customers."
   I’m a bit surprised, so Winsome explains, "The Business Classes out at Clover County Comunity College and Technical do the books. The Biology Club handles the orders. That’s how we got this NewsVan."
   "NewsVan, really," Twisty  is interested.
   "The cable station is required to do a weekly public affairs program," Winsome explains sweetly, and so the biology Club makes a little extra money by shooting the weekly segment for the station."
   "And so you ended up here," Twisty figures.
   "Biggest event in this Township this week," Winsome explains, "We were quite fortunate, we found enough people who were able to speak in complete senteces to fill out our ninety-second segment."
    "Wow," Twistine is truly impressed. 

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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