And a Word From BBQ-R

   Just the, Uncle Heinrich saunters by, "Everybody full?" he asks the gathering.
   Uncle Heinrich is met by enthusiastic head nods.
   "Well Hello, Uncle Henry," Twistine greets her Uncle.
   "Twisty, glad to see that you made it to my cook-out," he taes one look at me," Though I thought you had been developing better taste in who you hang ouit with."
   "Well, he came with the cart," Twisty half-apologizes.
   "Well, out with it son, how do you like the fixin’s?"
   I nod towards Uncle Heinrich, "Quite good, even excellent."
   "What ya’ eatin there, son, the ham-loaf?" Heinrich asks.
   I think, "Nah, not quite."
   "Well, then, the game-loaf, a combination of farm-raised wild-critters," Uncle Heinrich suggests.
   I think some more, "Not quite either."
   Unhcle Heinrich expounds, "Well then, you must be eatin’ the road-loaf, my own special blend; and you don’t need to ask what’s in it."
   Winsome Springs walks alongside Uncle Heinrich, "May I ask you a few quick questionjs , Sir?"
   "Sure enough, Little Darling," Uncle Heinrich expostulates, "Just fire away."
   And so while Winsome Springs is interveiwing the master BBQ-R’r, I stand there staring at my half-eaten burger.
   "Quit looking green like that," Twistine scolds me, "Uncle Henry is quite the kidder, usually. Besides it could be worse."
    "How?" I ask, wondering if the Vet was still in town.
    "It could be one of the Weener-man’s burgers, on a pounder-bun!" Twisty answe4rs.
   "True," I conjcede, and not one to let warm food go to waste, I finish the burger.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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