TownShip Hall Spaces

   There is a lady player who passes the PayDay Box but lands on Sales Taxes.
   "Pay Up!" Ernie tells her cheerfully.
   "What do you mean by that?" the lady player asks Ernie.
   "You owe me a twenty-percent cut right off the top of your Pay Day," Ernie says, "And another ten percent on everything you bought the last time around the board, Sales Tax. So You can Pay me now."
    "But I do own the Township Hall Card," the lady points out, "So I get a ten percent cut anyways, so you get half of that," the lady figures, "And since I own the Township Hall Card, I get any and all applicable taxes, so I’ll only be paying myself," she pauses as she quickly scans the rules, "As a matter of fact, when you finally get off of Jail Corner, I’ll get any and all apllicable taxes on everything you’ve taken in there."
    "Really?" Ernie asks as he scans the rules, "Wow!" he says when he spots the rule the ladyy is quoting.
    "She’s sure a Fast Learner," Twisty can’t help but remark.
    The first player nods sympathetically Ernie’s way, "This game’s  realistic."
    "Yep," Ernie agrees, "So nhow do I get the Township Hall Card for me?"
   The lady player harldy looks up from counting her money, "Someone will have to land on the Township Hall Square, and then we’ll have a roll-off of the dice, and then the highest winner will win the, ‘election,’ and win the Township Hall Card, unless someone such as myself accept it as paynment on any and all outstanding Promissary Notes."
    "Notes? Like in a band?" Ernie asks.
    "More like a list of all your IOU’s and tabs," Twistine explains.
    "Wow," Ernie says, "What a complication, Good thing this is only for play-money."
    "Judge Patrick would take a dim veiw of it, if it weren’t," Greg McIntyre puts in.
    "He never thought much of our rules for the games anyways," Twisty observes, "He said he runs a clean Township Hall."
    "And good luck to anyone trying to beat him in an election," I agree with Twisty.
    Ernie grins, "Only Game in Town."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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