"Uhm, Maam," the Trading Fool tries to keep[ up with her train of thought.
   "And so to keep up with the cash flow," the kercheifed lady goes on ,"The Brothers and Sisters had to come up with some new angle, and theyk new how to weave, plus they could get a variety of supplies of hair material, and everything rather grew form there."
    "Doesn’t quite add up," one follically-challenged fellow in the audience yells to her.
    "Sure it does,’ the Kercheifed Lady tells him, "Take a dozen strands of horse tail-hairs for a base, weave accross that with angora goat fibers for fit, and fibers from bull’s tales for texture and then weave in appropriate ammounts of barber-shop surplus hair on this hair-loom here, and the eventually result with sufficent application of skill is a hair-piece, toupee, top-cover, or as we refer to it; rug"
    "That’s the Secret!" the follically-challenged fellow cries, "Why I’ll give you a hunnert bucks for that device."
    Another hair-deficent man speaks up, "That’s an ingenious device, I’ll make it a hunnert-fifty!"
   And so it goes, the hair-piece bidders throughout the crowd keep going, about at the eight hunner sebenty-five mark, the kercheifed lady steps in, "GentleMen, please," she sort of pleads, "This is a valued family artifact, we wouldn’t sell it for any price, which is what makes it the priceless Hair-Loom that it is," admidst a few inevitable groans over the bad pun or outright disappointment, " the kercvheifed lady leans over the table and whispers loudly, ‘However my family still uses this hair-loom in order to keep the traditional craft alive, and we’re taking orders, so if you’re interested…"
    A number of audience members step forward to take in the kercheifed lady’s details, "And how about you?" the kercheifed lady asks the Appraising Fool.
   He pats his own bountiful supply of scalp-hair, "Not for a few more years, I hope."
    "Don’t worry," the kercheifed lady assures him, "These rugs make great christmas presents too."
   The Appraising Fool grins broadly, ‘Well in that case, I’m all ears."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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