The Case of the Stinky Pen

   Twisty is still protesting some even as we ease ourselves away from the Appraisal Stand, "But I’m thinking they would have really liked to hear about the Case of the Clogged Pipes," she tells me, "It would put that arty-fact into a whole new light."
   "And I’m thinking that if they want to think that it’s a piece of hand-made folk-art that’s theri right too,"
   "Mr Bill of Rights  talking," Twistine retorts, "You just don’t want anyone to hear about how you Barny Bum tried to cook the grade book back in Freshman year."
   "Shhh,’ I try to shush Twisty, trying to make myself look scarce.
    But Twisty is not one to be shushed, "But Ernie lost the Science Teacher’s favorite red-ink pen down the sink, and how you Barney Bums tried taping together a cane pole to pole it back up, but only succeeded pushing the pen past the trap."
    "Not one of our genious moments,’ I agree with Twistine.
    "So fortunately for you, the WeenerMan was able to figure out the line went through another trap in the vocational agriculture lab, and him and  Greg. and Ernie were able to auger down to it by putting a flange-bolt on the end of that cane-pole," Twistine figures.
    "Fortnately, you could say the pen was lost in all that muckus," I second Twisty’s account.
    "The Science teacher never was able to find out why the lucky-grading pen always had that off-smell to it," Twisty recounts, "I’ll bet people would like to know the other part of the story."
    "There is no Statute of Limitations on Stinky Pens," I inform Twisty.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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