Too Much Talent

   We start accross the gravel-area where the local equipment dealers have all their latest machinery on display. Over by one tent there is a hay wagon with steps leading up onto it. On the stage wagon, Greg McIntyre is finishing his rendition of, Harmonica Gold."  Uncle Heinrich is leaning back in a ’59 chair and  announces, "Thumbs up, Gerbil put him down to follow the tramploline jugglers."
   "Hello Uncle, what’s this?," Twistine asks er Uncle politely.
   "We’re having us an Impromptu BBQR Talent Show," Uncle Heinrich announces expansively, "I figure there is more enough talent in this Township to Impromptu with the best!"
   Gerbil is holding a clip-board, and has a pencel stuck behind one ear, "Shhh," headvises, "Our next audition is up."
   We look up to the stage-wagon to see Ernie Stubbs standing infront of the mike, several bills of play collateral stuff his t-shirt pocket. Clearly Ernie was victorious at the Board Game.
   Ernie stands before the mike. Uncle Heinrich nods. Gerbil speaks up,"You’re on!"
   And Ernie starts, singing, a novel little tune, "You’d better Run! You’sd better Shout! You’d better act crazy or he’ll give you a clout! Weener-Klaus is coming to Town!"
   "A Holiday Song, at the BBQR," Uncle Heinrich says thoughtfully.
   "Oh No," I wipe a hand over my brow.
    Ernie launches into the second verse, "He knows if you’ve been Jeeping, where you hide when you’re awake. He knows if your markers are bad or good, so pay up for goodness sake!"
   "From the Case of the Dysfunctional School Assembly," Twisty remembers.
   As Ernie resings the chorus, Uncle Heinrich tells Gerbil, put him down."
   Gerbil sends Uncle heinrich a questioning glance.
   "We need somebody toget the stage-hook," Uncle Heinrich assures his assistant-director.
   Gerbil smiles widely, and writes Ernie down.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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