Talent to Go

   Twist smiles sweetly and tells her Uncle, "Good luck with the talent show, maybe if we can get caught up, we’ll try ‘n catch a couple acts later."
   "Twistine my dear, don’t you want to be part of the show?" her Uncle Heinrich asks, "We were sort of counting on you to bolster the line-up."
   "You’ve got Ernie for the line-up," I point out.
   Twisty shoots me a frown, and then nods politely, "But Uncle, I’m not really that talented."
   "That’s not true," I try to offer Twisty support, "I’ve heard you plenty of times over late nights at the Burdock, singing , "Moon River,’ while you tossed a pizzia."
   "I thought you was always to busy playing Weenerman on the Asteroids machine to notice," Twistine says in my direction.
   "Couldn’t help but notice," I reply, and then shake my head to Uncle Heinrich, "And she’s got a whole collection of other songs she can do too."
   Gerbil confirms my statement, "I’ve heard her, and for a kid, she’s not so bad."
    Twistine looks to Gerbil, "Kid? Thanks anyways," she hesitates, "But,"
    "But what now?" Uncle Heinrich inquires.
   "To go off, at short notice, impromptu and stuff, I’m still not sure I couod pull it off," Twisty hesitates.
   "I know what she needs," Gerbil has a bright idea, "She needs a prop."
   "A prop?" both twisty and Uncle Heinrich ask.
    "Something she is famillar with while she sings," Gerbil nods, "Like pizzia dough."
   "Of course," Twisty smiles, "I can be tossing it while I do my number, it will be just like I’m in at the Burdock."
   Uncle Heinrich looks over the clip-board, "Actually it will fit right in with the rest of our acts."
    "Burdock Center’s a little far to go get dough if this is all impromptu," I remind everyone.
   I could mix it up right here if I had the right ingredients," Twisty decides.
    "I can get the fixins up to the Big House," Gerbil, the assistant-producer says as he takes off in the direction of the Big House.
   Twisty grins, "And if my act doesn’t go over, we’ll have lunch anyways."

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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