Set Up

   Credit to Gerbil, he keeps the parade headed in the general direction of where I have the Rodney-mobile parked. even then all the snaking and twisting will keep us busy for awhile longer to get there.
   In the meantime, Judge Patrick has just arrived from business at the Clover County Courthouse. He’s got some papers to file back at the Weenerman Township hall, but the Judge has seen the BBQr is going on and has decided to make an impromptu stop, maybe to check that all permits are up to date, and probably have some BBQr for himself while he is at it.
   Judge Patrick has his white station wagon parked in the shade beside the Rodney-mobile and has himself out, and is inspecting the Rodney-mobile really closely. To the Judge, even if by some measure, the Rodney-mobile does pass road-safety standards, however barely, this vehicle, being the Rodney-mobile, must violate some sort of code. For loitering, or disturbing the peace, or being in pieces, there’s gotta be a violation in there somewhere.
   But then Judge Patrick’s meditation on keeping order in his Township is disturbed by the commotion of the impromptu parade. The Judge sees it coming, and does a double-take. The parade is headed right to him.
   Gerbil pulls up his tractor with me and the ’59 chair in the trailer, stops, and throws on the flashing parking lots.
   Upon seeing the flashing red-lights to thei front, all the participants pull in whatever they are doing, and come to a stop and look forward to see what comes next.
   Judge Patrick sees the throng before him. Judge Patrick is a smart man, and wise enough to figure out when he’s got a captive-campaign audience, and so with a surprising amount of agility, jumps right up on a hickory-stump and anounces in his generously volumnous voice, "Greeting and Salutations to my Fellow Citizens 
of WeenerMan Township of the great Clover County," the Judge’s smile is nearly as wide as the brim of his white-straw hat, "And I welocome you to the Weenerman Township Annual Magister’s Debate!"  

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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