To Start

   Not knowing what else to do, I decide to prop myself up against Rodney and see what developes.
   The Judge begins his part of the Debate, "Good people of Weenerman Township during my time as Township Magistrate, only benefice has come to our beloved Township and Community."
   "Benne-Fence, do they sell that down at the Farm Supply?" one guy from the crowd asks.
   "No," the Judge explains, "It means that your standard of living has Improved!"
   "Can’t really say anything whether if my standard of living has been much of anything," the guy shrugs, "This is Weenerman Township you know."
   "If it hasn’t gone backwards, that’s got to count for something," I put in from my post.
   The Judge casts a scowl my direction, but recovers nicely, "Enough for Rebuttal, but my point is your lives may have improved, and you never even have realized it such has been my skill in keeping the Welfare of this Township in focus."
   "People’s mostly kept their TV’s in focus," I admit.
   A chuckle runs through the Gallery.
   Judge patrick casts another scowl my way. But the Judge is not one to be out done, or to be under-estimated.
   His moustache wiggles a little, and he lowers a brow as he considers the next course.
   "To start with," the Judge announces, "Remember the time that this Township was under the thumb of unsavory elements?"
   "Unsavory?" the Guy asks.
   "Inedible, of poor provenance," the School’s English teacher explains.
   Indelble, who’s poor province?" the Guy asks.
   "In edible, Tastes bad, have to choke it down," I explain from my lean on Rodney.
   "Oh, You mean like the Weener-Man’s Pounder pancakes!" the Guy realizes.
   "Well, yeah," I start.
   "And that is my point exactly!!" Judge Patrick bellows.
   Several members of the gallery nod their heads and rub their bellies in pained rememberance.

About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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