Goin’ Nile


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“For Two days the intrepid explorers move up de Nile, fishing and passing the time by drinking cans of purple spring water they had brought along for the trip. Finally, one day the boat Captain has the boat swing over to a low bank, and cries, “Out! “Out witta you Nortes!”

“My good Sir, was it something we said or did?” Colonel Weenerman asks in his best business sense.

“What you did!” the boat owner stammers, “Thee Feeshes You capture!”

The Scout puts in, “But we caught you plenty of Fish!!”

“But your feeshes are so small,” the boat owners holds his fingers close together.

“But a good many of them at that too!” the Colonel cries out.

The boat owner slaps his head in despair, “But the sardine market is back that way!’ He points back down river.”

Colonel Weenerman nods that the boat owner may have a point, and asks the boat owner, “So’s which way to the nearest sea?”

The boat owner slaps own head, he points east and he points west,” That way and that way. But many days travel over desert either way.”

“I was afraid of that,” Colonel Weenerman frowns.

Then the Scout spots something moveing across the Sands, “Look,” he points, “A Camel Caravan, it looks like your Uncle the Baron came through after all.”

The Camel Caravan of course, the Baron had said there would be one such awaiting our arrival, just put us down over there my friend,” Colonel WeenerMan tells the boat owner jovially.

The owner glides the boat over to the bank and runs accross a plank. Colonel Weenerman disembarks, the boat owner stands by the edge of the boat and holds a hand out, “Um yes,” the Colonel quips, “A tip is in order, how about this: Never try rowing a boat while standing up.”

The Colonel walks over to shore. The boat owner tells the Scout, “I need to feed the family.”

The Scout reaches into his rucksack and pulls out two large yellow disks, “Try these,” he suggests.

The owner smiles, “Floataion devices!”

The Scout smirks , “Well actually you soak them in water and they tend to sink.”

“New-fangled boat anchors!” the boat owner grins, “Thank you very much.”

“They wer pownder-,” the Scout catches himself, “Welcome there.”

I cut in, “This is becoming quite an adventure.”

“But there’s more,” Em assures me, “Like how they got onto the camels, the stop at the oasis, and reaching the Red Sea and being stranded, and then,”

And then coming down the road from the direction of Burdock Center, an, “Arrooogah, Aroogahhh!” from an antique truck horn.


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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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