Marathon Bumbs

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“Both Weenerman and me outlasted the top-rail sit-out with bum to spare,” I grin, then it was onto some other events, chosen at random.”

“Or ease of getting to,” Honey Dew says knowingly.

“Ah the esteemed game of Billards,” I reminesce, “Or pool as it is commonly known as.”

“Right here in River City,” Charley Kno laughs.

“You know the closest thing we’ve got to a River around here is that Wretched Too Much Creek,” Honey Dew reminds Charley.

“Just the quote of the moment,” Charley explains to her.

“At any rate,” I go on, “We stopped in at Bullseye Tavern to run the pool test.”

“I bet the game went on for hours,” Honey Dew ponders.

“Well, a good forty-five minutes anyways,” I agree.

“And finally someone won,” Carley Kno speculates, “Probably took a lot of skill.”

“Yep,” I agree, “took a lot of positioning and moves and counter-moves, but finally the WeenerMan got to the Eight-Ball, and put it in the Corner Pocket first.”

“But I t hought when you put the Eight-Ball in,” Honey Dew starts.

“This is the Iron-Bum Competition, Honey,” Charley fills in, “Putting in the Eight Ball would be just the objective to compete.”

“Now you’re catching on,” I grin at Charley.

“So HM is quite the technician at playing Strategic Pool,” Honey Dew figures.

Yep,” I agree with HJoney, “When it come to being an Iron  Bumb, this is a Job, for the WeenerMan.”


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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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