To Town Almost

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I wave good-bye to the knows and climb into Rodney. After turning the key and kicking the firewall, the Rodney-Mobile coughs to life. The side-road less taken turns and turns in the general direction of Burdock Center.

While I’m at it, I turn on the radio and the AM radio the WeenerMan has fixed the cracked speaker up by somehow using a dixie-cup, crackles back to life.

A smooth voice spills from the dixie-cup, “It’s DeeJay your DeeJay, And next up, you are in luck, by special request, we start the long-awaited, ‘Waltz Along With the Moms and Dads, right here on your favorite Radio, WFHC 1313.13AM  and minus 87.654 FM, presented by the Burdock Centre National Bank and Laundromat.”

And as the Mom and Dads starty rocking over the Rodney-Speaker I grin, “A Mom and Dads Marathon, Right, All of WFHC’s  music is still on Vinyl!!!”

“Oh Well,” I decide, “At least the kid-brother’s gig is still going, even if it’s on WFHC.”

That all started when the kid-bro got an assignment at school to come u0p with one of those resume projects. Despite getting a grade on it somewhere down around the Weenerman’s when we had a simalar assignment, the kid-bro tapped me for my help. We decided he was going to try for a radio-disc-jockey job, so we set him up with the complete package, demo-tape, and even a promo flyer featuring him seated behind a straw-bale with his leather jacket and darkglasses, microphone, and a phonograph, with WFHC spray-painted on a piece of cardboard duct-taped to the straw-bales.

As luck would have it, his teacher thought it was funny and sent it to her friend over at the station. WFHC was looking to tap into a younger crowd, and so they hired the kid-bro to do a Saturday-afternoon program, provided that he supply the records. Turned out that Dee jay the DJ Show caught on and now he’s on at least four times a week. WFHC doesn’t pay a whole lot. Remember their primary sponser is the Burdock National Bank and Laundromat. But the job has opened up other gigs, like product spokesman for  Daffodil Table-Cloths, and guest spots on radio stations down at the State Capital. Plus, he can do his laundry for free. Plus he got a free toaster from Burdock Center national Bank and Laundromat.

But it also reminded me of my one time experiment of Christmas in August. My one attempt at Radio Promotion.

August was always slow ratings at WFHC. As a matter of fact everything in Burdock Center is slow in August.

The Kid Brother came to me with the horns of the dilemma, “So the Station has a chance to pick up a new Sponser.”

“Really, Who?” I ask.

“Pounder Pancake Mills,” Deejay says, “They’ll handle everything, provide the copy, print advertising, even send in their SpokesModel one Saturday to promote the Station and their Products.’

Then Deejay shrugs, “But it would really help if I could show them that the Station’s raitings were up, do you have any ideas?”

I think it over for a moment and then say, “Well, not right now,” then I snap my fingers, “I know, let’s go ask the WeenerMan.”

“Great idea!” the KidBro says, “The Weenerman is always full of good ideas!”


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Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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