The Case of the Eggs in August


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And so KidBro and I went into Burdock Center to find the WeenerMan. We find him leaning back against the town’s artillery piece in the village square.

“Hi Weenerman, whatcha doin?” Deejay asks.

“Waiting for the Burdock to open,” I put in.

“Yes and No,” HM WeenerMan answers, “Actually, don’t tell anyone this, but I’m doing my HomeWork…”

“HomeWork?” Kid Bro is laughing hard.

“You mean the School still hasn’t signed your Diploma yet,” I have to lean against a nearby telephone pole to keep from doubling over.

“I take umbrage at those remarks,” the WeenerMan surprises us, “I am presently engaged in college-level study.”

That catches both of us off gaurd, whether it was HM using a big word or being associated with the word, college, either alternative came as a shock.

“College, You?” Dee Jay asks.

“Well, the Clover County Community College-Tech does offer shop classes from time to time,” I figure, “Continuing Education.”

HM nods, “Not Shop  right now, but I am taking studies in Philosophy.”

“A Degree in Philosophy,” KidBro is surprised.

Weenerman nods and then returns to concentrating.

“You’re real;ly serious about this,” I say, still  a little off gaurd.

WeenerMan motions for us to be still, “Not just a Diploma,” the Weenerman advises us, “But a Cerificate; A Certicate in Philosophy from MatchBookius  University.”

“OhhKay,” I agree, “Now it makes sense.”

“Sort of,” KidBro agrees.

“And the best part of it all,” HM explains is they send my assignments all through the mail and everything, it is all taken care of.”

“And so your present assignment?” I ask.

“My present thought is to conceive of Philosophy, they single thought will suffice right now since I am just stating, but once I have mastered that, Philosophy will come easy, MatchBookius U assures me that I am chuck-full of Philosophy.”

“That’s for sure,” KidBro agrees with the WeenrrMan.

HM motions for us to be still, “I have just perceived a Philosophy,” he announces, then he rubs his belly, “Have you ever realized that the hungrier you are, the longer it takes for the Burdock Eatery to open??”

Both KidBro and I have to agree, “That’s deep,” KidBro  remarks.

“It’s all relative,” the WeenerMan expounds. Just then they flip the sign   to open on the Burdock Pizzia and Fine Dining, “Look, see I told you Philosophy pays off,” he hops to his feet, “Let’s go grab something, all this Philosophy sure gives one an appetite.”

“For sure,” I grin as I follow Weenerman and KidBro accross the street to the Burdock.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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