The Laying of Egg-Plans

Iced Tea

Image by jamieca via Flickr

Once inside, we find the place has been cleared of the Breakfast Rush, and is being set up for lunch and supper. We are shown our usual place, sort of to the back and to the side. At  least we’re close to the Asteroids Machine.

Twisty comes out, she has her checkered apron on, so much for uniforms at the Burdock, she tosses the menu-sheets in front of us “What will all you all be having?” she asks quickly, anticipating the Lunch Rush.

Deejay looks over the Menu-sheet, “I think I’ll have the Spagehtti Double-Supreme,” he says.

“And your drink?” Twistine asks politley.

“How ’bout iced tea, unsweetened,” KidBro answers.

“Very Good then, Thank You,” and then she turns her attention to the Weenerman and myself, “And so what will it be for you Barney-Bums?”

Weenerman shrugs, “What the DeeJay is having sounds fine by me.”

Twisty shfts her stance, “Well, he gets the Businessman’s Discount, we have ads on his radio show, so his is free, as for you two, it will be pay up front.”

She knows us pretty well,” the Weenerman confides.

“Oh well,” I decide, “It can’t cost us that much, and it is a special project, we’ll have what he’s having.”

The Weenerman nods and looks very philosophical, “I have encountered a new philosophy,”

‘Of all times,” I grimace.

“A new philosophy? What is it?” KidBro asks.

“Eschew materialism,” HM says most solemnly.

“What does that translate to?” I ask.

“He means your getting stuck with the check,” Twistine smartly informs me.

Isort of slouch in my seat, “In that case, let’s get the Usual.”

“Fine with Me,’ Twistine grins as she scrawls down our order, “Two Pizzia-Leftover Bin Specials, and what do you want to drink? Oh yeah,” she grins, “Two pitchers of murky green pop, iced,” she says semi-conspiratorially, ‘We keep a couple pitchers in the cooler, just for you Barny Bums.”

” Gee thanks,” I shrug, You’re too generous.”

“No problem at t’all,’ Twistine grins as she whisks off.


About offroad2084

Work on the Work In Progress, MyDay in HicksTown. A light-hearted look at life in the fictional town of HicksTown in WeenerMan Township.
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